AIA Executive Director Meets with Malaysian Prime Minister

On  Sep 11, AIA 2020 Director Marro and his wife were invited to represent AIA and the ADAMS Center at a private dinner celebrating the visit of Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor, and to honor the anniversary of 60 years of Diplomatic ties and relations between Malaysia and United States.


The event brought together several hundred members of the Malaysian Diaspora in the USA, including Malaysian students from many Universities across America, and Malaysians who are now living in America.  Ambassador Tan Sri Zulhasnan has been an avid advocate of AIA 2020, and made certain that AIA Director Robert Marro and Mrs, Junaidah Marro would be seated with the PM and his wife so they could brief him on the program, and on ADAMS Center and the other Founding Members.


The PM also unveiled the winning logo from a contest for Malaysian students in the USA, to design a new logo to celebrate the 60 years of strong ties between Malaysia and the USA.

During his remarks to the audience, the Prime Minister noted his upcoming meeting with President Donald Trump, and his desire to build on those 60 years of strong ties to further reinforce the relations between the two countries.  Malaysia he noted was one of the top trading partners for America, and the third largest trading partner for Malaysia itself.


Immediately following the program, reporters from RTM (Radio/Television Malaysia) interviewed AIA Director Marro (see link below), who noted the many common aspects and shared values between the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious societies of both Malaysia and America, and how Malaysia has been frequently held up as a model of the moderate Islam that characterizes the AIA Founding Members and the goals of an Indivisible America that AIA seeks to promote.

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