ADAMS Deplores Anti-Semitic threats and hate crimes against Jewish Community

The members of the Alliance for an Indivisible America 2020 (AIA 2020), the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) and our entire community are shocked and disgusted by the recent Anti-Semitic threats and hate crimes against Jewish Community Centers and Cemeteries, and to the Jewish Community as a whole. We are very disturbed to know that Anti-Semitic threats have been the highest proportion of all hate crimes every year, and that this has been increasing in 2017. We are also disappointed by the recent trend of increase in anti-Muslim attacks against 130+ Mosques in past 2 years and rise of hate speech and crimes against African Americans, Hispanics, Women, LGBTQI, and fellow minority communities.

ADAMS will host a special prayer service tonight for the safety of all minorities.

Muslim Americans Help Donate to Repair Anti-Semitic Vandalism of Historic Jewish Cemetery. Please donate at

ADAMS has contacted the FBI and DOJ to press for them to investigate and find the perpetrators of the recent Anti-Semitic graffiti and hate crimes in our own area, in Herndon and in Charlottesville, VA.

We now reiterate our call to the FBI and DOJ to continue to investigate the recent nationwide threats against Jewish Community Centers, and desecration of a Jewish Cemetery. We all must understand that an attack on any faith and minority community is an attack on all faith and minority communities. We therefore stand united for Religious Freedom and against all bigotry.

We also deplore (and will continue to speak out against) the mounting fear mongering, hateful rhetoric and vilification of Jewish, Muslim, and Minority communities that can too easily inspire such hate threats and hate crimes. Such rhetoric has no place in America, and we urge all officials oto speak out forcefully against any perpetrators of such speech.

ADAMS has forged very strong Muslim-Jewish Partnerships and has routinely spoken out against Anti-Semitism in the following areas:

Imam Mohamed Magid and ADAMS take a strong stand against Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial and have consistently urged other Muslim leaders to do so as well:,

Muslim Imams Visit Auschwitz, Nazi Death Camp, to Pray for Holocaust Victims: 3326547.html

ADAMS has two branch locations hosted at Synagogues. ADAMS Sterling was the first ever Mosque to host a Holocaust Remembrance event in 2006, and ADAMS-Ashburn hosted another Holocaust Remembrance event in January 2017. Both events featured Ms. Johanna Neumann, a Holocaust Survivor saved by Albanian Muslims:

ADAMS Reston Friday Prayers at Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation Synagogue News Video since 2008. Dialogue and Partnership started in 1990.

Since 2006 ADAMS has hosted an Interfaith Seder every year. A Documentary short about our Interfaith Seder co-hosted with the Washington Area Jews for Jewish-Muslim Understanding was produced by Matt Spangler:

May 2008 ADAMS-Ashburn Branch Open House Mosque and Beth Chaverim Reform Congregation Synagogue as Neighbors:

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